Freshly graduated with an MBA from a French Business School, I am currently learning Japanese language in Tokyo as I am thoroughly interested in Japan and its culture


Here is my story, from 2010 to 2012,  I had the great chance to live in Dubai which gave me a true interest in travel, tourism and overall, a strong interest to discover a mix of culture based on respect. Since I was a kid I always had a passion for Asian countries especially Japan and its modern culture. In 2012, I visited Tokyo for the first time and this was the real start of a genuine love story. I went to Tokyo anew in 2014 and also in 2015 for an internship among Japan Travel team.

In Summer 2016, I was hired as a Digital Marketing Executive in the great city of London at KDS, a Global Solution Provider.  Since then, I have been deeply interested in working again in such a rich environment.

Afterwards, in 2017, I interned in a company in Dubai, My Tour Studio – Dubai, where I was working hand in hand with the founder to launch her business. During 6 months, I had the chance to experience the launch of a company in the United Arab Emirates.


After my graduation, I decided I wanted to get closer to Japan by moving in Tokyo for a year in order to learn Japanese. I managed to pass the Japan Language and Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4 and passed in less than a year. I am now striving to pass the JLPT N3 test next summer.


If I were to summarize my hobbies I would say that I am fascinated by gaming since I was a kid, and also about the Japanese culture and pop culture.

Introducing myself

My latest projects

Academic Year Project Video - EF Tokyo 2018

While studying in EF Tokyo as an Academic Year Student, we were assigned a project to present an area of Tokyo. 

My group realised a video about Akihabara, one of the most famous area for gaming in Tokyo. 

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Marketing Strategy - Brand identity 

During my internship at My Tour Studio, I was a Marketing Executive in charge of supporting with any marketing necessity including the Brand Identity but also the marketing strategy .